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18 January 2018 9:41:13 PM AEST  
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There are 148 Weeping Angels belonging to 59 members in the game.
Map where are they now?
List where are they now?
The Weeping Angels caches have travelled 111,669.90kms and have been moved 1155 times
They have 272,930.10km to get to the Moon.

Member State Distance Longest Distance Stops Cache
2y'stassies TAS 381.83km 156.27km 13 y's Weeper Beta
2y'stassies TAS 669.09km 235.70km 8 y’s Weeper Alpha
Baktrak NSW 1,493.52km 261.74km 18 Weeping Willy
Baktrak NSW 196.76km 69.30km 10 Weeping Wally
Baktrak NSW 942.13km 690.53km 14 Weeping Wendy
Baktrak NSW 598.67km 238.60km 9 Weeping Wazza
Baktrak NSW 593.21km 251.65km 8 Weeping Whoopi
Baktrak NSW 488.22km 244.49km 15 Weeping Winnie
Black Bunny ACT 1,079.04km 689.89km 13 Angel Baby 1
Black Bunny ACT 395.73km 236.27km 8 Angelus Arctissimum
Black Bunny ACT 515.16km 235.72km 7 Angel Baby 2
Black Bunny ACT 583.67km 236.27km 8 Angel Bob
Black Bunny ACT 223.92km 120.59km 7 Amigurumi Angel
Black Bunny ACT 548.21km 252.53km 16 Angel Baby 3
Black Bunny ACT 583.35km 236.27km 8 Angel Charlie
Briggbottoms WA 3,200.27km 3,097.21km 8 Your Uncle
bronnie_1990 ACT 3,117.06km 3,107.69km 3 Bronnie's angel
budgietas TAS 481.49km 176.19km 11 Scared Bob
budgietas TAS 380.86km 222.36km 8 Scared Box
budgietas TAS 371.56km 176.15km 10 Cherub who?
budgietas TAS 325.78km 230.96km 8 Frog Guardian
budgietas TAS 309.78km 198.13km 9 Saint Gnomeo
caughtatwork VIC 365.71km 173.15km 6 Angel Pig
caughtatwork VIC 179.82km 76.72km 6 Aphrodite the Weeping Angel
chocolate_ali TAS 382.47km 155.09km 9 Angel Bob
Daryllm123 VIC 302.65km 96.41km 8 Lucinda
Daryllm123 VIC 265.02km 96.27km 5 Tinkerbell
Daryllm123 VIC 251.98km 129.68km 7 Angela
Daryllm123 VIC 3,189.41km 3,065.46km 6 sonic
DDTs TAS 570.69km 224.01km 12 Tin Wings
DDTs TAS 405.65km 222.08km 10 A Moveable Host
DDTs TAS 459.82km 215.23km 12 Cherubic
elthamkiwi VIC 904.96km 703.09km 8 Shiny Sparkly Weeping Angel
fluffyfish WA 3,146.82km 3,097.21km 9 Perth Weeping Angel
FourW SA 70.85km 55.45km 4 Wireframe Angel
FourW SA 41.66km 14.67km 6 Rita Angel
FourW SA 10,832.15km 5,414.90km 5 Crying Cardboard Angel
FourW SA 13.71km 8.25km 3 Cardboard Angel#2
FourW SA 29.99km 19.86km 3 Weeping Grey Angel
Friesianess TAS 455.81km 230.78km 6 The Fairy Godmother?
GabGab VIC 181.18km 76.72km 5 Yuki the Weeping Angel
geo_jas VIC 617.72km 472.20km 7 Tree Angel
geo_jas VIC 581.14km 472.20km 7 Cherub Angel
Greenish TAS 518.93km 223.80km 8 Deceptive Angel
gregandjudi VIC 248.41km 105.19km 6 Lost & Wingless
gregandjudi VIC 70.52km 70.52km 2 Sweet Angel
gregandjudi VIC 191.24km 191.24km 2 Lost Angel # 2
gregandjudi VIC 248.37km 109.01km 8 Lost Angel # 6
gregandjudi VIC 811.76km 472.20km 11 Ballerina Beauty
iluvtrekking WA 3,479.20km 2,944.92km 12 Weeping Angel (21)
iluvtrekking WA 62.85km 16.65km 7 Weeping Angel (23)
iluvtrekking WA 55.45km 16.96km 11 Weeping Angel (20)
Just a cacher ACT 402.93km 183.04km 11 In Memory of...
Just a cacher ACT 515.13km 235.69km 7 Angel Baby
JustinCBR ACT 335.67km 236.27km 6 White Angel Egg
JustinCBR ACT 27.26km 16.91km 3 Orange angel egg
Keeper of Time VIC 77.23km 38.11km 5 Weeper of Time - J
Keeper of Time VIC 215.99km 72.72km 10 Weeper of Time - K
ma77hew & kay SA 1,016.06km 946.32km 8 Michael
ma77hew & kay SA 71.97km 47.28km 3 Raphael
ma77hew & kay SA 23.37km 7.63km 7 Gabriel
ma77hew & kay SA 2,085.02km 939.64km 12 Lucifer
ma77hew & kay SA 90.09km 59.87km 3 Uriel
mr_roo ACT 398.88km 183.04km 11 Mr_roo's Weeper
nutwood33 TAS 462.09km 238.86km 6 W is for Weeping
nutwood33 TAS 84.61km 28.88km 7 Angel with a twist
nutwood33 TAS 293.60km 105.70km 7 The lonely assassin
OldSaint TAS 552.12km 222.58km 10 EXTERMINATE!
OldSaint TAS 576.68km 222.20km 9 Evil Weeping Angel
petan QLD 1,349.80km 908.59km 14 Wayne the Weeping Angel
pjmpjm NSW 514.06km 223.52km 15 Pink-Winged Frangel
pjmpjm NSW 630.90km 252.53km 14 Photographic Angel
pjmpjm NSW 1,612.18km 724.99km 10 Wheeling Angel
pjmpjm NSW 631.24km 252.53km 14 Frisbee Angel
pjmpjm NSW 517.65km 223.57km 15 Golf Angel
pjmpjm NSW 632.13km 252.53km 14 Mini Frangel
purplepeopleater NSW 68.72km 40.40km 5 Little Angel #3 Vocalist
purplepeopleater NSW 474.16km 247.15km 13 Archangel - Gabriel
purplepeopleater NSW 29.78km 20.99km 5 Little Angel #1- The Cellist
purplepeopleater NSW 162.43km 112.32km 6 Little Angel #2 Flautist
quiet1_au VIC 1,051.95km 703.09km 13 Q1 Weeping Angel - Acute Angel
quiet1_au VIC 1,192.17km 703.09km 15 Q1 Weeping Angel - Reflex Angel
quiet1_au VIC 229.16km 67.26km 9 Q1 Weeping Angel - Right Angel
quiet1_au VIC 212.09km 105.52km 8 Q1 Weeping Angel - Send me an...
Richary NSW 1,419.30km 959.70km 14 Richary's Weeping Angel
rogerw3 NSW 960.81km 507.36km 11 Angeline
rogerw3 NSW 902.72km 507.36km 10 Angeles
rogerw3 NSW 852.08km 507.36km 9 Angela
rogerw3 NSW 850.98km 507.36km 9 Angelynn
rogerw3 NSW 850.94km 507.36km 9 Angelus
rogerw3 NSW 903.38km 507.36km 10 Angilia
rogerw3 NSW 16.30km 16.30km 2 Angelica
sharnie's tribe TAS 551.01km 188.39km 11 Rikbiel
sharnie's tribe TAS 566.09km 236.39km 11 Sariel
sharnie's tribe TAS 573.12km 240.62km 12 Jophiel
shazonaquest WA 400.41km 370.48km 5 AAA Angel
shazonaquest WA 80.43km 21.10km 7 Western Star Angel
shazonaquest WA 74.45km 19.26km 6 Angel with a heart
shazonaquest WA 21.05km 11.69km 4 Xmas Angel
shazonaquest WA 64.84km 20.31km 6 Water Angel
shazonaquest WA 6,499.60km 2,967.41km 23 Eastern angel
SpatialRiq WA 7,543.28km 3,097.21km 10 Spatial's Angel #1
SpatialRiq WA 96.93km 61.75km 5 Spatial's Angel #2
stagetree VIC 533.12km 472.20km 5 Poetic Weeping Angel
Tassie Trekkers TAS 682.17km 186.55km 11 Trekkers' Tree Angel
Tassie Trekkers TAS 659.50km 186.64km 15 Trekkers' Angel
Tassie Trekkers TAS 671.60km 399.50km 6 Ornamental Angel
Tealby ACT 440.36km 183.04km 12 Tealby's Angel
Team Ladava VIC 734.17km 521.72km 7 Ladava Angel Peniel
Team Ladava VIC 737.38km 522.06km 7 Ladava Angel Quabriel
Team Ladava VIC 724.23km 516.98km 7 Ladava Angel Nanael
Team Ladava VIC 217.55km 110.21km 5 Ladava Angel Zaapeil
Team Ladava VIC 994.40km 703.09km 11 Ladava Angel Asariel
The Empire VIC 334.05km 173.15km 6 The Empire's Weeping Angel
The Morris VIC 937.14km 703.09km 8 Lix Tetrax the Weeping Angel
The Morris VIC 129.60km 105.59km 4 Oriel the Weeping Angel
The Morris VIC 601.04km 464.27km 9 Vapula the Weeping Angel
The Morris VIC 129.60km 105.59km 4 Vassago the Weeping Angel
themd VIC 88.84km 36.07km 5 Weeping Reading Rainbow Angel
TiedyeSmileys NT 0.00km 0.00km 1 Angel of the night
Toriaz NSW 550.32km 244.45km 16 Nowhere is Safe
Toriaz NSW 545.28km 240.27km 14 Blinking Beth
tronador NSW 286.38km 77.42km 14 Christmas Angel
Tuena NSW 1,471.20km 959.70km 13 Fairyly Weak Weeping Angel
Tuena NSW 558.33km 183.04km 12 Cheribum
Tuena NSW 1,317.10km 241.36km 20 Crystal
Tyreless NSW 47.04km 18.81km 5 Cheer-me-up Cherub
us3scouts QLD 759.35km 200.41km 6 Wahshee Weeping Angel
WazzaAndWenches VIC 577.72km 562.85km 4 Golden Weeper
WazzaAndWenches VIC 209.26km 209.26km 2 Blue Weeper
WazzaAndWenches VIC 1,025.87km 467.61km 11 Wazza's Weeping Angel
WazzaAndWenches VIC 82.48km 78.94km 3 Weeping Lego Angel
WazzaAndWenches VIC 307.67km 110.51km 8 Wench's Weeping Angel
whitemushroom NSW 1,104.17km 689.99km 16 rE#mli#El
Whitepaws9 VIC 346.87km 173.15km 7 Whitepaws9's Angel
whitewebbs TAS 615.20km 224.03km 11 Angeltas #4
whitewebbs TAS 352.43km 174.12km 9 Angeltas #3
whitewebbs TAS 842.04km 190.00km 13 Angeltas #1
whitewebbs TAS 558.79km 228.26km 14 Angeltas #2
whitewebbs TAS 441.98km 217.15km 11 On the wings of an Angel
Wilbert67 NSW 1,358.96km 689.94km 12 Willy's Weeping Wonder
Xinders WA 62.78km 36.30km 5 Weeping Angel Bob
youngoldfella QLD 177.95km 90.80km 5 Weeping Angel - Ancient
youngoldfella QLD 177.95km 90.80km 5 Weeping Angel - record Keeper
youngoldfella QLD 142.20km 89.42km 4 Weeping Angel - collector
Yurt NSW 1,856.70km 701.33km 19 The Angels Have The Phone Box
Zalgariath NSW 816.20km 701.33km 9 Glitterbiatch
Zhaomin NSW 282.84km 67.15km 13 Evangelion Unit Zero