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18 January 2018 9:42:42 PM AEST  
Weeping Angels

Welcome to Weeping Angels

The game runs from 01-Dec-2013 00:00:00 to 31-Jan-2014 23:59:59.

The fun has Concluded.

Prize Winners

Overall Distance at 10,832.15km:
FourW with Crying Cardboard Angel

Longest Distance at 5,414.90km:
FourW with Crying Cardboard Angel

As FourW collected both prizes, we're offering a consolation to the 2nd place achievers as well.

Overall Distance Consolation:
SpatialRiq at 7,543.28km with Spatial's Angel #1

Longest Distance Consolation:
bronnie_1990 at 3,107.69km with Bronnie's angel

Most Stops at 23:
shazonaquest with Eastern angel

Special Nomination (and a prize to):
TiedyeSmileys with Angel of the night which didn't move at all.

This game requires you to hide a moving cache on Geocaching Australia. Specifically your geocache must be a Weeping Angel.

The game software will keep an automatic track of your cache and will automatically calculate distances and stops as your cache moves around the world.

You are required to join if you wish to participate. You can do this by signing up in Members Services. You are then required to join the individual game by clicking on Join This Game on the main page of the game you wish to participate in. You are not required to join the game if you only want to observe the ladders and progress charts.

Joining the game means that you are willing abide by the rules of the game as well as abiding by the guidelines of the Geocaching Australia listing site.

You will be required to provide your geocaching name along with an email address and password.

Your email address will not be shared with any of the participants and only the administrator of the game will have access to your email address.

Your password will not be shared with any of the participants or the administrator of the game.

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Enjoy the game.