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Game Rules

Rules (not guidelines)



  • This game will be active for 12 months and 9 days from the time of starting, which will be the 1st June, 2008 until the 9th June, 2009.
  • Points cannot be earned before or after these dates.
  • Challenges will be published on this site on each Sunday and you only have 4 weeks to achieve that challenge and log your claim. For the last 3 weeks of the game you will have 3 weeks, 2 weeks and 9 days repsectively to log your claims.
  • Each challenge is worth 1 point.
  • On week 1 the first challenge will appear and remain for 4 weeks. On weeks 2, 3 and 4 the next challenges will be added. On and after week 5, 1 new challenge will appear, the oldest challenge will disappear and logging of that challenge will no longer be possible.
  • As I am expecting most of the coins to achieve all of the challenges there will be no first place prize unless there is only 1 person in first place then the prize will be a geo-coin.
  • There will be 4 challenges where a prize of a geocoin will be awarded by the game administrators, no correspondence will be entered into, the decision will be final and winners will be announced on the game ladder page.
  • If you have a 2nd challenge that you would like included in the game, please email it to the administrators via the 'Contact an Administrator' link for this game. If we like it we will be put it in and it may come up.
  • In the event that there are more than 52 challenges received (1 per week of the game) the game administrator reserve the right to choose those that are most suited to the theme of the game for inclusion.
  • Trunksnsuch may join in this game but will not be eligible for any prize.


  • When you join the game you will be placed into pending and you must submit one achievable challenge for all the coins in the game.
  • When the administrators have reviewed and accepted your challenge your status will change to active.
  • Challenges cannot be duplicated by another person/team so you will be notified by email if your challenge has already been accepted for someone else and you can put your thinking cap on and submit a different challenge.
  • These challenges will be put into a random order, one challenge will be added from the list and one challenge will be removed from the list on each Sunday the game is active.
  • The person/team submitting the challenge must make it achievable for all coins but tricky challenges are acceptable.
  • Imagination and talent will be acceptable for some challeges but must be completed in an obvious way - e.g. if your coin needs to be photographed at Buckingham Palace, you may submit an image with your coin edited into the image.


Challenge : No.67
Challenger : Trunksnsuch
Name : Royals
Photograph your coin accordingly and upload it to the coins log for a cache find with a similar theme.
  1. Go caching and find an appropriately names cache (this is very flexible - castle, Charly, Liz, Corgi, Phil, windsor, etc)
  2. Photograph your coin with some relevance to Her Highness or edit an image to include your coin.
  3. Log your find and drop your coin into the cache.
  4. Go to the coins page and edit the log to read : "Challenge 67. Royals" (and anything else you would like to put) and upload your photo/image.
  5. Retrieve your coin.
  6. Come to cachinggames and claim your challenge.