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Members Services

Welcome to the games members services.

You are required to join if you wish to participate. You can do this by signing up in Members Services. You are then required to join the individual game by clicking on Join This Game on the main page of the game you wish to participate in.

You are not required to join the games if you only want to observe the ladders and progress charts.

Joining the games means that you are willing abide by the rules of the game as well as abiding by the guidelines of the geocaching listing site

You will be required to provide your geocaching name along with an email address and password.

Your email address will not be shared with any of the participants and only the administrator of the game will have access to your email address.

Your password will not be shared with any of the participants or the administrator of the game.

For technical reasons, your access to your account on this website may be monitored. For this reason we encourage you to supply a password that you do not use on other sites.

In line with the privacy statement of this website, a session cookie will be created for the length of your session. The session cookie is stored on this webserver and does not get stored on your computer. This enables this website to keep you logged in between pages. The session cookie only contains the session id. It does not contain your password, member name or any other identifying information. This cookie expires when you either log out or when you close your browser window.

Please enjoy the game.