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Frequently Asked Questions at

What is CachingGames all about?
CachingGames is a essentially a community where you can participate in organised CachingGames or competitions. CachingGames provides a web service for tracking of players and their progress in the games. The owners of CachingGames do not actively participate in the administration of any individual game although we do work closely with the game administrators to ensure that the data entered is keep accurate. The owners of CachingGames do not get involved in discussions about the performance of the games. This is best referred to the game administrator.

How can I set up a game on CachingGames?
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do I need to pay to join CachingGames?
CachingGames is free to players to join and enjoy.

Do I need to pay to join an individual game?
Individual games may charge an entry fee before you can play. The charges for any individual game are set by the game administrator and are collected outside of CachingGames.

What are the rules for each game?
The rules for each game differ from game to game based on the game requirements. Please check each game and you will find a list of the rules you are required to follow in order to participate in that game.

Why do I need to provide an email address if I want to participate in a game?
In the event that the game administrator needs to contact you, they will use the email address you supplied. It is important to register with a valid email address. Members without a valid email address risk being removed from the games and all of your accumulated points will also be deleted.

How secure are my details?
Your password will never be shared. Your email address will only be made available to the game administrator or the site owners in the event that they need to contact you.
In line with the privacy statement of this website, we advise that a cookie will be created to keep you logged into the site, even if you leave and come back. To destroy this cookie, please logout before you leave. The cookie is stored on your computer. The cookie only contains the session id and your username. It does not contain your password.

Do you have advertisers?
We don't use any advertising on this site.

Why do I need to register?
We ask you to register to participate in the games. This is to ensure that SPAM bots are minimised.

Why do you need my home co-ordinates?
Some games provide scoring based on the distance between the cache and your home. If you are not participating in a game that requires your home co-ordinates, then you are free to enter 0 in each field. If you are participating in a game that requires your home co-ordinates, then we encourage you to provide co-ordinates that are close to your home location such as the closest street corner, but are not your actual home co-ordinates.
Your home co-ordinates are never shared with anyone, but may be used in point calculations.

Do you collect demographic and profile data?
We collect this information as needed for participation in the games. Your information, apart from your email address, is not shared. Your email address is only made available to the games administrators and the site owners.

Are there external links?
This site contains links to other sites. We take no responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those Web sites.

Won't somebody please think of the children
We care about children. We cannot identify whether a visitor is an adult or a child. Please excersise care in viewing the content of this website.

Contacting the Site Owners
If you have any questions you can contact us.