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Game Rules

Rules (not guidelines)


  1. All Travel Bug racers entered must be registered by the owner, have 0 distance logged and contain no log entries prior to start of the race.
  2. A geocacher may only enter 1 Travel Bug racer of which they are the owner
  3. Travel Bug racers entering the race remain the property of the owner and only participate in the race assisted by fellow geocachers.
  4. All Travel Bug racers must be trackable on, all activities must be logged on and these logs will be the only source of information for the race.
  5. Travel Bug racers must be logged into at least one cache in the starting country after the initial release cache (see challenges).
  6. The Travel Bug racer has to be placed in at least 5 caches by 5 different geocachers and in 1 other country other than South Africa and Australia (see challenges).
  7. The Travel Bug racer may not travel by post at any stage of the race or be posted directly back to Australia.
  8. Only physical caches count towards achieving mandatory challenges (events are not physical caches).
  9. All Travel Bug racers logged into the final cache will be verified by a local geocacher either by a physical logbook entry or the actual Travel Bug racer in the cache.
  10. All Travel Bug racers entered into a race will have a 'Race Tag' attached explaining the rules and a link to the various challenges as well as these Travel Bug racer rules must appear on the Travel Bug page. You are responsible to attaching the 'Race Tag' to your Travel Bug racer.
  11. Travel Bug racers reported MIA, off course, muggled, etc are the responsibility of the Travel Bug racer owner.
  12. Travel Bug racers that reach the final destination will be released into the wild and the owner will be responsible to change the mission or retrieve the Travel Bug racer.
  13. Travel Bug racers may be disqualified if foul play is suspected.
  14. The owner of a Travel Bug racer entered into a race will be assumed to have read, understood and accepted the race rules.
  15. You may not move along your own Travel Bug racer.
  16. The administrators decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  17. All winners will be contacted for their postal information so that prizes can be sent out.


  1. Your Travel Bug racer earns points by achieving challenges from the challenge list.
  2. Every time your Travel Bug racer moves you select one challenge to check off your challenge list.
  3. A log entry can only be included in one challenge claim.
  4. A challenge is awarded points as per the number against it on the list.


  1. The Travel Bug racer who achieves the minimum 7 mandatory challenges and is first to reach the final destination cache provided the time period has not expired.
  2. The Travel Bug racer who achieves the longest distance travelled by the conclusion of the game.
  3. The Travel Bug Racer who achieves the highest value of challenges by the conclusion of the game.