Leap Frog
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18 January 2018 9:39:16 PM AEST  

Rules (not guidelines)

  • Your cache must be a genuine, bone fide frog.
  • Your frog may be store bought or hand crafted.
  • Caches for the competition must be published on 1 December 2011 Australian Eastern Time (GCA Time)
    Geocaching Australia has the facility to automatically publish your cache on 1 December 2011
    Please refer to the Geocaching Australia wiki for more information
  • You are welcome to join the game after it has started provided you list the hidden date and published date as 1 December 2011 and add the word leapfrog to your cache tags
    The later you enter your frog the less time there is to get it moving, so you are encouraged to enter the game at the commencement
  • You are required to add the word leapfrog to the tags on your entry at Geocaching Australia
    You can add the word leapfrog to your tags by visiting your cache page and clicking on Tag in the Actions section in the right hand navigation section of your cache page
  • The game commences at 00:00:00 1 December 2011 AEDST and concludes 23:59:59 31 January 2012 AEDST
  • The game administrators decision is final
  • You can not find and move your own cache during the game period
  • Caches must be found and hidden by the same cacher (i.e. no mailing the cache to another cacher to hide)
  • There is no limit to the number of times other cachers can find / move the cache provided there are at least two other finds / moves in between
  • If a cacher moves your cache overseas and it remains unfound overseas for 1 week or more, the same cacher may move your cache (within the country or to another country) without breaking the "2 moves" rule
  • There is no limit to the distance other cachers can move the cache
  • Other cachers in the game may find / move your cache, but they must move it on within 2 days