Leap Frog
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18 January 2018 9:39:52 PM AEST  
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There are 480 Leap Frogs belonging to 144 members in the game.
Map where are they now?
List where are they now?
The Leap Frog caches have travelled 662,941.01kms and have been moved 7473 times
They have reached the Moon

They have 106,258.99km to return to the Earth.

Member State Distance Longest Distance Stops Cache
2y'stassies TAS 460.48km 139.86km 22 y's Hoppa
2y'stassies TAS 568.61km 128.14km 17 y's Jumpa
5LittleJacks ACT 2,111.74km 1,049.82km 37 Angry Frog
5LittleJacks ACT 255.71km 159.94km 14 Rubber ducky..errr..froggie
5LittleJacks ACT 847.81km 643.58km 13 The evil Emperor Bufo Anura
80degrees VIC 77.67km 37.88km 6 Flat Frog
80degrees VIC 810.69km 686.83km 10 Bison Frog
80degrees VIC 29.31km 12.09km 5 The Sistema Twins
agap2 QLD 47.89km 22.11km 6 Mr Gap's late hopper
Alfyboy NSW 2,317.00km 958.93km 19 Alfreddo Frog
allrounder ACT 109.61km 22.16km 12 Leap Frog Project: Bud
allrounder ACT 130.41km 22.35km 15 Leap Frog project: Weis
allrounder ACT 146.90km 25.30km 15 Leap Frog Project: Er
AusTrackers WA 691.40km 172.28km 19 AusHopper
AusTrackers WA 326.60km 49.46km 20 I'm aHead
AusTrackers WA 1,112.18km 223.22km 28 Squeaky
Baktrak NSW 1,355.54km 959.88km 14 Franklin Frog
BigO'n ACT 1,644.82km 719.70km 27 Leapfrog - KneeDeep
bikerbuddy NSW 23.21km 13.40km 3 Grahame & Kenneth
Black Bunny ACT 0.00km 0.00km 1 Ferris Frog
Black Bunny ACT 671.57km 236.11km 24 Finnegan Frog
Black Bunny ACT 1,056.90km 968.97km 8 Fagen Frog
Black Bunny ACT 709.82km 448.40km 14 Flyn Frog
Black Bunny ACT 639.07km 452.32km 12 Fallon Frog
Black Bunny ACT 876.21km 251.45km 30 Fergus Frog
BlacknWhite NSW 891.98km 237.12km 16 Travel Bug Dog Tag
BlacknWhite NSW 3,662.23km 3,288.40km 21 kero kero the Japanese frog
Blingg WA 455.50km 144.11km 20 Leap,Frog,Leap!
blossom* NSW 1,339.04km 724.44km 18 TwinkleToes Leap Frog
blossom* NSW 2,278.90km 956.99km 18 Tommy Tadpole
blossom* NSW 3,341.67km 3,275.11km 5 Frog-at-a-Stretch
bronnie_1990 ACT 1,536.11km 592.28km 17 Black Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 2,294.13km 930.75km 22 Political Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 589.01km 451.89km 16 Reddy Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 2,237.21km 922.82km 11 Kermit Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 828.87km 642.00km 14 Edwart Cullen
bronnie_1990 ACT 1,041.11km 716.42km 6 Rocker Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 376.24km 118.83km 13 Brownie Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 718.66km 240.49km 22 Mermaid Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 1,697.61km 786.63km 18 Cheshire Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 1,108.56km 955.85km 17 Purple Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 850.62km 716.42km 6 Flower Power Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 888.32km 235.04km 19 Yellow Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 0.00km 0.00km 1 Devil Froggy
bronnie_1990 ACT 999.16km 236.63km 32 Froggy in Boots
Bubblzdee VIC 176.68km 28.93km 11 prince CHARMing
Bubblzdee VIC 1,383.44km 452.43km 27 Croakstar
budgietas TAS 932.96km 193.58km 23 Believe a Frog
budgietas TAS 934.86km 206.33km 29 Camo Frog
budgietas TAS 987.93km 171.04km 23 Trust a Frog
budgietas TAS 287.83km 29.25km 32 A Flat Frog
budgietas TAS 744.56km 164.03km 25 Believe a Frog Too
budgietas TAS 407.34km 160.04km 14 Leaps the Frog
budgietas TAS 521.18km 198.00km 20 Frog in a pond
c@h VIC 141.74km 139.12km 3 CAZZA (green)
c@h VIC 87.89km 87.89km 2 Dazza
c@h VIC 54.66km 40.61km 3 SHAZZA (red)
c@h VIC 215.85km 65.18km 5 Gazza
c@h VIC 32,733.70km 16,367.02km 3 GONNA GOZZA
c@h VIC 136.09km 62.02km 4 Wozza
c@h VIC 80.88km 80.88km 2 Bazza
Cached SA 280.24km 90.10km 14 Cheeky Frog
Candy Cane 101 ACT 1,870.82km 903.05km 23 Bruce the pink frog
Candy Cane 101 ACT 1,682.72km 721.33km 18 Bob the blue frog
Candy Cane 101 ACT 1,004.25km 249.07km 31 Gary the green frog
cathylmorgan VIC 382.07km 124.69km 7 Leapfrog Frog habitat
cathylmorgan VIC 2,168.44km 960.24km 12 Leapfrog Plant a frog
cathylmorgan VIC 454.74km 121.71km 7 Leapfrog Frogteranium surprise
cathylmorgan VIC 134.29km 46.93km 6 Leapfrog Chloe's frog treasure
cathylmorgan VIC 1,442.67km 723.05km 15 Leapfrog Phunny Phreddo
cathylmorgan VIC 308.81km 71.01km 14 Leapfrog Dog a frog
caughtatwork VIC 82.72km 18.65km 9 Froggy Is Not Amused
caughtatwork VIC 66.69km 16.10km 7 Artemis
Cheesy pigs TAS 812.74km 248.62km 27 The Frig
chillibutts SA 635.93km 379.39km 7 Kiss me quick
chocolate_ali TAS 1,099.66km 188.77km 39 Cadbury Frog
Chwiliwr WA 2,574.70km 2,113.17km 11 Chwiliwr's Frog #3
Chwiliwr WA 260.12km 48.44km 19 Chwiliwr's Squeaky reformed
Chwiliwr WA 4,529.18km 3,293.73km 28 Chwiliwr's Frog #2
cruisinblues VIC 5,620.87km 5,620.87km 2 Matty Icecold 800
cruisinblues VIC 412.89km 183.54km 5 Bails Frog
cruisinblues VIC 5,613.23km 5,613.23km 2 Donya
cruisinblues VIC 501.20km 460.92km 3 Kenzie Frog
cruisinblues VIC 15,782.76km 15,782.76km 2 Kyzie Frog
cruisinblues VIC 912.95km 826.96km 12 Big Daddy Frog
cruisinblues VIC 0.00km 0.00km 1 Jense Frog
Daryllm123 VIC 1,578.64km 719.71km 23 Croak
Daryllm123 VIC 138.07km 38.11km 8 Heckle
Daryllm123 VIC 536.69km 135.58km 14 Lilly
Daryllm123 VIC 1,978.63km 960.24km 11 Jeckle
Daryllm123 VIC 1,697.91km 333.96km 30 Raindrop
Daryllm123 VIC 1,659.34km 706.18km 27 Bill
Daryllm123 VIC 277.35km 192.08km 7 Ben
Dazzatron SA 279.52km 162.79km 6 Sticky Frog
Dazzatron SA 1,939.45km 1,161.71km 17 Deep Diving Frog
DDTs TAS 123.85km 37.59km 13 Lily the Frog
DDTs TAS 688.38km 205.19km 31 Bluey Frog
DDTs TAS 953.37km 213.25km 25 Frognutz
DDTs TAS 414.93km 100.66km 35 NanoFrog
DDTs TAS 3,655.45km 2,905.11km 28 MagneFrog
Dippedidooda TAS 1,102.76km 202.07km 31 BLING FROG
draw four VIC 512.95km 141.32km 13 Golfing Gary
Dvixen ACT 875.62km 448.40km 17 Tyler Tree Frog
Dvixen ACT 337.01km 217.33km 13 Fantastic Ramplefrog
Dvixen ACT 2,733.43km 959.78km 23 Mingojerry Ramplefrog
Dvixen ACT 2,522.61km 1,441.23km 18 Johnny Jetpack
Dvixen ACT 1,069.84km 238.76km 28 Nooblet Nottatadpole
Dvixen ACT 712.16km 248.92km 28 Can you hear the Frogs Fernando?
Everlasting WA 4,678.12km 3,285.63km 20 Hot Pink Frog.
Fairly Magic TAS 556.32km 212.36km 13 There once was a Frog
FelixII WA 349.95km 147.57km 15 WA Rain Froggy
FelixII WA 4,300.89km 3,274.99km 27 FelixII's Frog Hunter
FelixII WA 222.67km 40.65km 17 Flower Girl
FelixII WA 337.95km 73.26km 19 Bushy Mate!
FelixII WA 205.43km 52.48km 14 Fisherfrog
FelixII WA 667.66km 149.42km 22 Duh! Frog
FelixII WA 238.18km 49.15km 18 Felix's Yoga Froggy
flipper&co SA 2,668.81km 2,623.72km 7 Flipper's Flippen 'Froggie
fluffyfish WA 1,100.27km 251.76km 29 ASD Frog : Communication
fluffyfish WA 469.08km 227.43km 9 Lil Frog
fluffyfish WA 863.29km 245.98km 19 The Big Brown
fluffyfish WA 1,067.60km 772.85km 6 ASD Frog : Repetitive Behaviour
fluffyfish WA 171.71km 60.51km 9 The "Get Me Outta Here" Frog
fluffyfish WA 987.07km 187.58km 21 fluffyfrog
fluffyfish WA 826.33km 220.39km 24 ASD Frog : Social
fluffyfish WA 33.80km 23.58km 3 A farewell frog
fluffyfish WA 951.58km 236.48km 25 Dreaming of Caching
Frogglin VIC 1,237.87km 705.55km 19 Banded Cache Grabber
Frogglin VIC 0.00km 0.00km 1 Plasticus Horribilis Frog
froghoppin SA 1,916.84km 967.26km 23 Frogle Rock
GabGab VIC 231.75km 62.43km 10 Daphne
geo_jas VIC 1,374.51km 719.71km 21 Froggie Leapfrog
GGau VIC 587.52km 452.84km 15 Leapfrog Toggy
GGau VIC 229.64km 87.57km 14 Leapfrog Amphibicitrus
GGau VIC 2,156.03km 2,156.03km 2 Darth Maul Frog
GGau VIC 46.65km 25.48km 4 Leaping Lime Frog
GJMMelb VIC 171.39km 43.91km 15 Peekaboo Frog
GJMMelb VIC 111.22km 40.58km 7 Pond-ering Frog
GJMMelb VIC 56.25km 19.58km 5 Croaky the Frog
gmj3191 VIC 1,609.27km 719.71km 28 Frog Morton
Goldfish QLD 1,205.15km 675.63km 19 ST3VE?
gradem WA 4,171.90km 3,272.92km 23 Galoomph - Leapfrog race cache
gradem WA 686.95km 172.28km 25 King Harold from Far Far Away
gradem WA 4,461.69km 3,285.19km 26 Jeremiah - Leapfrog Race Cache
gradem WA 4,332.51km 3,285.63km 22 Croaked - Leapfrog Race Cache
gradem WA 4,229.61km 2,905.11km 38 It's not easy being green! - Leapfrog Race Cache
Greenish TAS 315.88km 22.08km 38 The Cache Protector
gregandjudi VIC 574.67km 332.46km 4 Mowhawk Amphibius
gregandjudi VIC 805.27km 415.26km 5 LUCINDA & LILLIPUT
gregandjudi VIC 479.53km 133.69km 12 AUS LEAPER
gregandjudi VIC 1,155.02km 958.93km 4 HERBIE HOPSALOT
Guripper and DGT TAS 704.25km 205.91km 24 Rum and Croak
Guripper and DGT TAS 1,157.53km 183.06km 37 Lilypad Express
Guripper and DGT TAS 580.59km 157.68km 23 Hoppy the three legged frog
HGL SA 2,092.67km 655.82km 16 Happy Half Hopper
HGL SA 423.73km 206.31km 4 Happy Sticky Frog
HGL SA 2,711.62km 2,620.14km 4 Happy Small Toad
Honeysucker VIC 1,571.07km 1,026.90km 10 leapfrog hope
Honeysucker VIC 1,839.87km 1,025.19km 16 leepfrog secrets
hookline TAS 250.95km 204.17km 9 Tree Twogs
hookline TAS 682.46km 205.92km 33 Frognome: I Gnome What You Did Last Summer
hookline TAS 742.39km 197.70km 40 Frogeater
Iamapom VIC 65.22km 28.53km 5 Frog - W.C.F
Iamapom VIC 11.19km 8.80km 3 Frog - Relaxed Charlie
ikkibrady VIC 1,088.34km 719.71km 17 popstar frog
Ilikelenses38 TAS 298.88km 158.49km 12 Tree Frog
iluvtrekking WA 629.01km 179.92km 23 Clicking Froglet - Leapfrog Racer
iluvtrekking WA 305.93km 56.14km 19 Just Friends - Leapfrog Racer
iluvtrekking WA 408.83km 48.84km 21 The Frog Twins
iluvtrekking WA 312.57km 38.99km 24 Prince Charming - Leapfrog Racer
iluvtrekking WA 191.09km 31.99km 15 'Namaste' Lotus Frog
JABs TAS 851.66km 165.22km 30 Freddo
jawapro TAS 944.09km 223.33km 16 Sgt. Hopper and the Frog Squad
jawapro TAS 948.70km 223.33km 23 Fred the Rock Hopper
jawapro TAS 883.81km 124.22km 25 Lilly The Frog
jawapro TAS 657.64km 174.10km 34 Indiana Frog
jawapro TAS 1,040.95km 183.23km 26 Brian the Brain-Frog
Jenmen NSW 797.83km 574.18km 8 Leapfrog Hazel Nut
Jenmen NSW 841.41km 239.94km 22 Leapfrog Philbert
Julz76 VIC 268.94km 59.15km 12 Leap Frog? Think NOT!
Julz76 VIC 1,427.94km 719.71km 24 Leap Frog Squeaky
jusojara ACT 1,041.17km 240.49km 27 Corroboree: Canberra's Dancing Frog
Just a cacher ACT 1,245.34km 949.34km 9 Chocolate Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 1,154.37km 255.21km 30 Green Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 778.13km 218.70km 27 Frog Killer - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 985.70km 246.29km 29 Hoppy Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 1,150.08km 255.15km 29 Lunchbox Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 1,758.75km 746.99km 29 Red Throated Ghost Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race.
Just a cacher ACT 1,064.04km 951.64km 13 Big Blue Frog - Leapfrog
Just a Trifle QLD 138.21km 71.05km 5 Andiamo's Leap Frog
Just a Trifle QLD 300.32km 147.27km 5 Leap Froggery Business
JustinCBR ACT 811.31km 244.04km 24 The Unkissed Prince
Keeper of Time VIC 2,357.90km 2,298.19km 10 Mum and Taddy
Keeper of Time VIC 70.13km 19.81km 9 Kiss My Frog
Keeper of Time VIC 170.75km 57.94km 11 Lillypad Leemo
Laighside Legends SA 637.84km 361.11km 6 Frog + Cement + some pipe fittings = 9.2kgs of cache!
Lbjezza WA 285.89km 46.09km 14 Miss Lbjezza Leap frog
Lbjezza WA 4,380.01km 3,285.63km 30 Frogall rock leap frog
Lbjezza WA 269.92km 51.05km 20 Cheeky the Leap Frog
Lbjezza WA 3,985.73km 3,285.63km 23 Mr LBjezza the Leap Frog
lemmykc VIC 826.79km 582.34km 8 Frobert the Friendly Frog
lemmykc VIC 89.43km 42.14km 5 Frobbin the Flawless Frog
ma77hew & kay SA 113.61km 31.14km 8 Froggy Weather MCR
ma77hew & kay SA 169.16km 71.39km 7 Found A Frog MCR
ma77hew & kay SA 792.58km 664.52km 13 Toadkill MCR
ma77hew & kay SA 2,009.85km 956.15km 12 Frog Princess MCR
MakkyBrown TAS 3,460.57km 2,942.29km 27 Croaker the Rainforest Hunter
MakkyBrown TAS 928.51km 216.39km 24 Frogger
MakkyBrown TAS 875.40km 457.70km 26 A frog by any other name
MakkyBrown TAS 1,594.24km 905.72km 20 Munch Lunch
MakkyBrown TAS 197.98km 26.34km 28 Hop To It
MakkyBrown TAS 819.31km 170.43km 33 Jewel-eyed Croaker
Margieh SA 250.71km 149.06km 7 Frog On A Log
MattyRx NSW 6.90km 6.90km 2 In the Night Garden
MattyRx NSW 555.20km 162.88km 9 Frog4T
MattyRx NSW 2,145.90km 1,642.04km 9 Hopsalot Yellowchops
Mickeydv WA 4,340.85km 2,097.25km 12 Freddo the crow eating nano frog
misterdrewkittytoo SA 21.83km 21.83km 2 The Old Salt - Leapfrog Cache Race
misterdrewkittytoo SA 1,353.71km 613.12km 12 Flattest Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race
misterdrewkittytoo SA 1,338.18km 560.55km 7 Flatulent Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race
misterdrewkittytoo SA 1,912.67km 1,133.98km 22 François Frog - Leapfrog Cache Race
misterdrewkittytoo SA 34.57km 25.40km 5 Mr. Frogs Adoption Cache - Leapfrog Cache Race
Moneybox WA 457.14km 170.91km 20 Bonk!Bonk!
Moneybox WA 475.72km 132.88km 20 L.E.A.P. Frog
Moneybox WA 793.88km 479.63km 18 Daddy Taddy GeoFrog
Moneybox WA 2,951.22km 2,114.36km 11 Happy Chappy
Moneybox WA 5,298.78km 3,285.63km 23 Rusty
Moneybox WA 2,616.32km 2,117.46km 11 ROAD KILL
mrx02 VIC 952.60km 333.96km 15 Poison Dart Frog
mrx02 VIC 361.12km 101.55km 10 Red Striped Yellow Frog
mrx02 VIC 621.51km 103.11km 14 Green Tree Frog
mr_roo ACT 98.18km 21.74km 11 Liberace the bullfrog
mr_roo ACT 163.50km 23.91km 14 Sam the frog
MtnLioness SA 1,322.33km 645.64km 6 Cuddles
MtnLioness SA 136.81km 19.71km 9 Poser Leapfrog.
MtnLioness SA 864.89km 657.96km 12 kaeru Leapfrog
MtnLioness SA 804.79km 656.05km 10 Red Eye the Night toad
MtnLioness SA 2,729.66km 2,115.26km 20 Terracroaka
m_family ACT 2,075.87km 1,049.82km 26 Hopping for Champagne
m_family ACT 1,142.85km 946.06km 13 Ribbit!
nutwood33 TAS 581.82km 203.84km 34 Matte Frog
nutwood33 TAS 711.54km 204.88km 24 Miss Frogitty
nutwood33 TAS 1,030.24km 213.60km 32 Prince Charming?
nutwood33 TAS 760.82km 158.87km 50 Touchwood
OldSaint TAS 3,838.05km 1,664.50km 19 Tadpole Maker
OldSaint TAS 450.43km 160.11km 9 Gorf Fael
parislaura SA 4,082.16km 967.61km 12 Little Lilly Pad
parislaura SA 293.85km 192.39km 8 The Love Frogs
petan QLD 215.81km 109.49km 4 Border Hopper
petan QLD 3,817.44km 3,636.33km 7 Goldie
petan QLD 97.50km 55.00km 5 The Triplets
pjmpjm NSW 779.96km 245.22km 26 Secret Frog -- Pink 1
pjmpjm NSW 1,579.25km 694.54km 12 Red Micro Frog
pjmpjm NSW 1,467.38km 958.93km 16 Secret Frog -- Green 2
pjmpjm NSW 17,788.38km 17,011.98km 18 Secret Frog -- Red 1
pjmpjm NSW 19,513.64km 9,730.89km 11 Green Bison Frog
pjmpjm NSW 576.05km 208.56km 22 Secret Frog -- Yellow 2
pjmpjm NSW 1,550.26km 958.93km 15 Secret Frog -- Green 1
pjmpjm NSW 4,099.45km 3,278.77km 23 Red Bison Frog
pjmpjm NSW 192.95km 85.86km 12 Black & Red Bison Frog 1
pjmpjm NSW 1,426.51km 723.56km 22 Secret Frog -- Red 3
pjmpjm NSW 1,913.20km 1,063.51km 28 Secret Frog -- Yellow 1
pjmpjm NSW 245.78km 71.04km 13 Spfrog
pjmpjm NSW 235.15km 85.99km 9 Black & Red Bison Frog 2
pjmpjm NSW 3,614.96km 1,528.74km 29 Yellow Bison Frog
pjmpjm NSW 1,215.46km 703.19km 16 Secret Frog -- Yellow 3
pjmpjm NSW 983.13km 721.33km 17 Purple & Yellow Micro Frog
pjmpjm NSW 3,587.04km 3,288.40km 18 Pink Micro Frog
pjmpjm NSW 351.78km 61.64km 18 Secret Frog -- Red 2
pjmpjm NSW 606.51km 226.52km 15 Green Micro Frog
pjmpjm NSW 654.73km 219.06km 20 Silver & Red Micro Frog
princess Essica TAS 272.99km 158.43km 10 cracker
princess Essica TAS 600.63km 153.04km 29 leap frog
purplepeopleater NSW 829.71km 239.92km 22 Marco Simoncelli
purplepeopleater NSW 1,417.62km 945.49km 16 Valentino Rossi
purplepeopleater NSW 583.88km 140.59km 25 Casey Stoner
purplepeopleater NSW 1,509.17km 944.35km 16 Jorge Lorenzo
pwags VIC 654.46km 179.92km 18 Little Fred
pwags VIC 730.96km 149.79km 26 Don't eat the frogs
pwags VIC 571.73km 197.91km 18 Betty Frog
quiet1_au VIC 271.95km 107.13km 8 Q1 Leapfrog - Squishy Frog
quiet1_au VIC 15.33km 10.95km 5 Q1 Leapfrog - Stone the Toads!
quiet1_au VIC 115.16km 34.80km 9 Q1 Leapfrog - Green and Golden Bell Frog
quiet1_au VIC 1,586.98km 721.32km 18 Q1 Leapfrog - Brown Frog
quiet1_au VIC 595.55km 163.07km 9 Q1 Leapfrog - Green Tree Frog
quiet1_au VIC 165.38km 30.67km 11 Q1 Leapfrog - Dwarf Tree Frog
quiet1_au VIC 20,243.15km 9,732.19km 15 Q1 Leapfrog - Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
quiet1_au VIC 2,148.85km 721.33km 27 Q1 Leapfrog - Yule Frog
quiet1_au VIC 1,871.05km 721.33km 22 Q1 Leapfrog - Growling Grass Frog
quiet1_au VIC 2,169.62km 721.33km 27 Q1 Leapfrog - Red-Blue Poison Dart Frog
quiet1_au VIC 12.13km 12.13km 2 Q1 Leapfrog - Erasermus
quiet1_au VIC 1,586.41km 721.33km 15 Q1 Leapfrog - Frog's Head Revisited
quiet1_au VIC 733.87km 608.80km 17 Q1 Leapfrog - Green and Gold Spotted Frog
quiet1_au VIC 58.99km 29.13km 6 Q1 Leapfrog - Yellow-bellied Cache Hopper
quiet1_au VIC 1,790.13km 702.53km 17 Q1 Leapfrog - Yellow-Black Poison Dart Frog
red tag TAS 864.66km 170.92km 33 Frog Marley
renroc NSW 325.19km 140.29km 7 Fiona Longlegs
renroc NSW 1,501.41km 680.49km 20 Brooklet Frog
renroc NSW 401.00km 218.12km 5 Blake Frog
renroc NSW 177.63km 65.84km 7 Charcoal Frog.
Richary NSW 1,022.24km 154.65km 26 Dennis the Frog
Richary NSW 3,471.75km 3,274.15km 16 Blob the frog
Richary NSW 995.03km 250.61km 27 Richary's Croakers
Rigger64 VIC 260.33km 57.87km 16 Derek Leapfrog
Rigger64 VIC 1,647.23km 592.86km 11 Freddo the Leapfrog
Rigger64 VIC 2,117.51km 962.47km 18 Leapfrog Light My Way
Rigger64 VIC 1,342.51km 714.36km 17 Norm Leapfrog
Rigger64 VIC 439.99km 95.79km 10 Dave Leaprfog
robbo 56 WA 246.48km 44.71km 20 Jump Frog, Jump
ROBTAS TAS 743.88km 166.80km 24 ULVERSTONE LEAP FROG moving cache entry
ROBTAS TAS 573.14km 205.54km 26 KERMIT THE FROG cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 691.69km 204.71km 21 FROG A LOG moving cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 631.80km 155.76km 20 RIBBIT RIBBIT cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 2,003.42km 906.96km 27 NOT ANOTHER FROG cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 713.37km 206.17km 16 TOAD IN THE HOLE cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 586.31km 204.54km 26 HAVE FROG WILL TRAVEL cache race entry
ROBTAS TAS 694.62km 207.02km 17 FROGMORE OR LESS cache race entry
Rock-hopper NSW 3,653.92km 3,249.44km 24 Green & Gold Bell Frog
Rock-hopper NSW 1,115.15km 770.35km 10 Barred Stutterer
rogerw3 NSW 875.61km 237.03km 22 Frey Frog
rogerw3 NSW 211.16km 51.50km 11 King of the Fen
rogerw3 NSW 4,460.74km 3,291.61km 22 Frog Prince
rogerw3 NSW 1,048.57km 721.32km 15 Flattie Frog
rogerw3 NSW 2,476.39km 740.57km 24 Fabio Frog
rogerw3 NSW 928.06km 451.89km 14 Fritz Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,499.89km 903.00km 20 Flo Frog
rogerw3 NSW 234.71km 70.55km 9 Fell Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,978.87km 978.87km 33 Flowerpot Frog
rogerw3 NSW 825.22km 221.52km 22 Fagan Frog
rogerw3 NSW 3,594.59km 3,274.98km 22 Felix Frog
rogerw3 NSW 307.05km 85.66km 21 Flora Frog
rogerw3 NSW 230.64km 64.06km 11 Fran Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,096.25km 703.19km 19 Ferdy Frog
rogerw3 NSW 3,781.89km 3,283.63km 21 Farr Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,516.38km 1,049.82km 21 Fonzie Frog
rogerw3 NSW 3,510.31km 3,250.16km 17 Francis Frog
rogerw3 NSW 74.76km 49.55km 4 Finn Frog
rogerw3 NSW 646.19km 243.52km 21 Fred Frog
rogerw3 NSW 957.61km 721.32km 19 Friendly Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,340.50km 1,117.06km 17 Frank Frog
rogerw3 NSW 1,405.05km 692.93km 10 Fleur Frog
rogpol NSW 1,341.61km 721.32km 22 Blue Dart SCUBA Frog
rogpol NSW 1,405.47km 693.17km 26 Red Dart SCUBA Frog
rogpol NSW 1,497.17km 860.51km 25 Green Dart SCUBA Frog
SamWalkers ACT 1,125.55km 947.38km 19 Upon the Bones of Gnomes
SamWalkers ACT 680.48km 451.88km 15 Matt's Galumph
SamWalkers ACT 1,817.81km 958.93km 17 Angela's Frog
sharnie's tribe TAS 619.89km 198.75km 32 Bruiser
sharnie's tribe TAS 641.02km 205.97km 21 Blue with Bling
sharnie's tribe TAS 1,711.94km 903.59km 22 Horace the Horticulturally Challenged
SpatialRiq WA 800.54km 167.22km 22 SpatialKermint
Spladem VIC 252.21km 112.36km 6 Frog n a Dead Horse
Spladem VIC 829.02km 269.44km 10 No Froggen Idea leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 1,301.27km 744.23km 15 #3 I Toad You So..
Spladem VIC 175.31km 38.92km 8 #1 Frognickle
Spladem VIC 97.80km 22.75km 8 Frog Stomp
Spladem VIC 350.30km 96.80km 15 Mrs Frenchy leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 34.40km 21.21km 4 FrogetMeNot
Spladem VIC 185.21km 59.28km 10 Tadpoles on the way Leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 1,426.73km 719.71km 22 #2 Hows ya Hamish Frog Burger?
Spladem VIC 630.64km 164.64km 10 Haven't got the Froggiest leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 62.40km 28.14km 4 Daddy on box leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 903.61km 325.13km 9 Crazy Frog
Spladem VIC 566.90km 164.64km 11 Mummy and baby leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 306.04km 64.93km 14 On the Frog and Toad Leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 2,376.18km 696.27km 24 Unfrogettable Green Tree(Sign) Leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 132.43km 66.27km 5 Leap Frogs Legs - Cuisses de Grenouille
Spladem VIC 1,348.53km 621.91km 8 Mr Frenchy leapfroggy
Spladem VIC 248.85km 88.73km 6 Unfrogivable Brown smell Leapfroggy
stagetree VIC 308.06km 109.47km 10 stagetree's Frog
stagetree VIC 335.24km 113.75km 16 Manfred
stagetree VIC 84.58km 26.27km 8 Jordan
stagetree VIC 854.96km 583.25km 11 Tania the Smoking Frog
stagetree VIC 1,462.87km 719.70km 26 Lawrance
stagetree VIC 619.10km 212.08km 12 Katie Frog
stagetree VIC 2,879.21km 1,527.66km 24 Marcus the Vague
steptoe NSW 1,410.63km 240.49km 33 Frog Hollow
steptoe NSW 1,534.68km 958.93km 15 Garden Frog
Strike-a-light NSW 685.40km 247.01km 25 Strike-a-light, it's a Toad!
Strike-a-light NSW 1,508.73km 721.32km 22 Tiddalik the Frog
Strike-a-light NSW 612.24km 233.68km 12 Convict Frog
Strike-a-light NSW 1,609.95km 903.04km 24 Blue-legged Rocket Frog
Strike-a-light NSW 919.83km 702.44km 15 Corroboree Bob the Leaping Frog
stringy NSW 320.79km 251.61km 7 Stringy's Frog
Swampy TAS 2,163.94km 1,533.67km 25 NoLog SwampFrog
s_mc500 VIC 903.34km 442.64km 34 Happy Meal Leapfrog
s_mc500 VIC 364.58km 137.40km 11 Chan Chu the money frog
Taiko'sFamily NSW 2,120.76km 1,061.54km 37 Swaggie Frog
Taiko'sFamily NSW 643.37km 211.57km 18 Beady Eyes the Frog
Tassie Trekkers TAS 419.44km 143.44km 16 Hop a Long Frog
Tassie Trekkers TAS 848.65km 152.28km 39 Petit Grenouille
Tassie Trekkers TAS 658.33km 196.48km 24 Miss Froggy
Tassie Trekkers TAS 750.05km 214.04km 33 Sir Croaks Alot
Tassie Trekkers TAS 531.77km 202.01km 19 Twiggy
Tassie Trekkers TAS 469.78km 178.20km 30 Hops-a-lot
Tassie Trekkers TAS 1,096.14km 251.48km 15 Five Frogs A Leaping
Tassie Trekkers TAS 3,758.51km 2,911.25km 24 Gorf
Tealby ACT 91.68km 22.46km 8 The Frog was Framed!
Team Conquest SA 377.09km 377.09km 3 Panoplied Frog
Team Ladava VIC 2,351.07km 1,330.67km 12 Ladava Leaping Frog # 3 – Sofi
Team Ladava VIC 1,708.09km 959.08km 18 Ladava Leaping Frog # 4 – Maverick
Team Ladava VIC 1,631.97km 652.85km 28 Ladava Leaping Frog # 1 – Dolly
Team Ladava VIC 1,844.75km 724.57km 14 Ladava Leaping Frog # 2 – Kenny
Team Lego Men NSW 490.68km 142.97km 17 Aristophones
Team Natty Dean TAS 1,666.61km 578.35km 38 Postal Frog
Team Natty Dean TAS 391.76km 143.38km 8 Frog Express
Team Natty Dean TAS 573.52km 202.94km 24 Kirby the Frog
Team Scoobster SA 1,680.35km 632.25km 15 Scooby's Grooooovy Frog
The Empire VIC 925.97km 607.89km 17 Michigan J. Frog
The Machman WA 1,014.01km 206.46km 20 Goin Farr
The Morris VIC 2,081.48km 960.24km 13 Lily
The Morris VIC 1,192.19km 447.50km 15 Pearl
The Morris VIC 186.83km 102.19km 6 A Bucket of.....
The Morris VIC 1,381.25km 629.08km 8 A Frog on a Log
The Morris VIC 1,622.96km 719.70km 28 Anura
The Morris VIC 1,304.50km 333.96km 24 Dorien
The Tardis Trio SA 942.77km 366.58km 6 Three Frogs Without a Tardis
themd VIC 663.65km 300.38km 8 Rocky the Roaming Rock Frog
TiedyeSmileys NT 820.34km 600.15km 11 Do you want flies with that?
TiedyeSmileys NT 321.73km 306.49km 5 Croaked
tigersden VIC 268.42km 111.40km 14 Croaks NO Evil
tigersden VIC 274.48km 58.33km 10 Sir Croaks Alot
tigersden VIC 1,192.40km 714.80km 14 Betty Croaker
TimTamToo TAS 2,618.89km 1,533.49km 27 Henry the Frog
Toriaz NSW 23.21km 13.40km 3 Kenneth & Grahame
Toriaz NSW 606.17km 208.38km 24 Brains
toy hunters ACT 960.27km 240.49km 21 Cavallina
tronador NSW 765.01km 264.33km 20 Froggie
Tuena NSW 211.20km 94.26km 13 Spadefoot
Tuena NSW 1,611.75km 956.99km 13 Dentata
Tuena NSW 168.38km 84.76km 11 Trilling
Tuena NSW 3,920.43km 3,251.70km 14 Eyrei
Tuena NSW 1,494.88km 950.74km 18 Pobblebonk
UncleTom TAS 1,104.93km 187.33km 27 AL BEANO
UncleTom TAS 621.24km 205.31km 26 F4
UncleTom TAS 373.55km 204.16km 16 Tiny
UncleTom TAS 664.46km 183.12km 25 Freda
UncleTom TAS 770.96km 160.19km 19 Puddle Jumper
UncleTom TAS 787.68km 203.47km 20 Frog on the Tuckerbox
WanderingAus WA 357.38km 59.21km 21 WanderingAus' Wandering Frog
Waterlogged SA 100.46km 55.04km 8 Welcome Jumper, but I'm not woollie
Waterlogged SA 1,782.65km 1,150.25km 21 Keeper of Gardens
wellsy21 WA 322.71km 37.75km 18 golf"n leapfrog
wellsy21 WA 231.58km 39.80km 14 story time leapfrog
wellsy21 WA 216.56km 43.41km 14 anita leap frog
Whit's Wanderers VIC 2,349.17km 962.56km 23 Pede the frog - Leap frog cache race 2011
Whit's Wanderers VIC 787.33km 334.67km 17 Chunk - Leap Frog cache race
Whit's Wanderers VIC 958.08km 683.07km 12 Mr Smith - Leap Frog cache race 2011
Whit's Wanderers VIC 465.97km 198.41km 11 Mrs Smith
Whit's Wanderers VIC 1,755.57km 719.70km 27 Oggie the boggle-eyed Froggie - Leap Frog cache race 2011
whitewebbs TAS 3,926.65km 1,664.51km 25 Ribbitt Racer
whitewebbs TAS 305.42km 37.60km 31 Hopeful Hopper
whitewebbs TAS 638.66km 207.46km 30 Twinkle Toad
whitewebbs TAS 266.45km 33.71km 25 Kermit's Kapers
Wilbert67 NSW 1,030.16km 770.35km 6 Kikker
Wild Josh VIC 1,221.65km 582.34km 14 Happy the Golfing Frog
Wild Josh VIC 234.29km 56.18km 12 Frank the Frog
Winglen ACT 1,054.13km 246.64km 25 Farewell Froggie
Xinders WA 258.70km 44.47km 16 Baby Kermit
Xinders WA 647.94km 202.08km 19 Luigi GEOvanni
Xinders WA 141.77km 32.75km 12 HuGEO Hot Lips
Xinders WA 510.32km 167.22km 17 GEOseppi De Frog II
Xinders WA 478.70km 168.65km 13 GEOseppi De Frog
Xinders WA 176.09km 34.99km 17 The Little Prince
Xinders WA 230.43km 40.07km 19 Mervyn
youngoldfella QLD 1,193.23km 678.43km 16 leapfrog a rock
youngoldfella QLD 86.79km 72.83km 3 leapfrog leapfrog not while I am thinking
youngoldfella QLD 1,272.70km 579.49km 11 leapfrog the stump
youngoldfella QLD 62.59km 47.29km 3 leapfrog I must hit the log
youngoldfella QLD 115.98km 52.96km 6 leapfrog wait I am not ready
youngoldfella QLD 77.06km 71.52km 8 leapfrog with my mate
youngoldfella QLD 184.41km 89.62km 5 leapfrog to the next log
Yurt NSW 587.77km 251.51km 18 FrOMG!
Zalgariath NSW 1,241.88km 962.63km 5 Sero
Zalgariath NSW 192.58km 192.58km 2 Shi Ting-min Zal
Zalgariath NSW 463.84km 235.03km 7 (Gn)Sed
Zalgariath NSW 2,383.47km 1,441.23km 13 Zao-Zao
Zalgariath NSW 628.08km 253.64km 16 Serio
Zhaomin NSW 18,858.25km 17,041.87km 15 Liap-min Zhao
Zhaomin NSW 34,406.11km 17,208.45km 12 Bao-Bao