GeGnome Project
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18 January 2018 9:33:49 PM AEST  

Rules (not guidelines)

  • Your cache must be a genuine, bone fide garden gnome. It may be store bought or hand crafted.
  • Caches for the competition must be published on 1 December 2010 Australian Eastern Time (GCA Time).
    Geocaching Australia has the facility to automatically publish your cache on 1 December 2010.
    Please contact an administrator if you would like to know how to accomplish this.
  • The game commences at 00:00:00 1 December 2010 AEST and concludes 23:59:59 31 January 2011 AEST.
  • The game administrators decision is final.
  • You can not find and move your own cache during the game period
  • Caches must be found and hidden by the same cacher (i.e. no mailing the cache to another cacher to hide)
  • There is no limit to the number of times other cachers can find / move the cache provided there are at least two other finds / moves in between
  • If a cacher moves your cache overseas and it remains unfound overseas for 1 week or more, the cache mover may move your cache back to the country of origin without breaking the "2 moves" rule
  • There is no limit to the distance other cachers can move the cache
  • Other cachers in the game may find / move your cache, but they must move it on within 2 days