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Game requirements

This game has 2 very simple requirements.

There are no points, it is not a longwinded TB race, not a boots and hike race or even a devilish puzzle to solve.

1. To go into the prize draw you are required to complete a single cache related challenge involving a minimum of two cachers, one of them obviously, being yourself. The trick is that you have to team up with someone in another counry to complete the challenge.
The single cache related challenge can be anything. You might both set off TB's with the same mission, post a funny photo log wearing antlers, find the oldest / hightest cache in your areas, go to or host an event with the same theme, move a jeep TB, whatever. I encourage you to be creative. Please tell me what the challenge was in the note when you claim against the cache.

2. Your additional requirement is to raise awareness of the plight of the Tasmanian Devil through whatever means you like and share your efforts as a note on the Devils in Danger cache GCZ83E. You can move this special travel bug TassieBR: DEVIL IN TROUBLE TBHW91, leave an information flyer at a Starbucks and post the coordinates to the cache - be creative and feel free to use anything on the information page. When as cache owner I receive your note I'll send you the number of your prizedraw ticket. Best of luck!