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Game Rules

Rules (not guidelines)



  • Travel bugs and geocoins which are entered into this game will only be eligible to complete challenges and collect points while the travel bug or geocoin is in Australia.
  • If your travel bug or geocoin travels outside of Australia it will be deemed "temporarily misplaced" and will resume its eligibility for challenges and points upon its return. For scoring purposes the two Australian logs, the last one before leaving the country and the first one on arriving back will be taken to have happened consecutively.
  • This challenge will be active from the 1st February, 2008 until the 31st January, 2009. Points cannot be earned before or after these dates.
  • Your TB must have some sort of attachment - geocoins are excused from this clause.
  • During the challenge no geocacher, including yourself, can earn more than 3 challenges for any individual TB/coin.
  • You may not hinder anyone else's TB/coin.
  • TBs/coins can only be moved by a registered geocacher once they begin their travel.
  • TBs/coins can be bounced in and out of any cache except a micro cache.
  • All actions are to be done in a friendly, honest way in keeping with a spirit of fun.
  • When you have activated your TB/coin please let me know it's name and tracking number.
  • If your TB/coin has been stuck in a cache for 30 days, you may encourage it's movement by the cache's local geocachers BUT please do not abuse their rights to ignore you.
  • If your TB/coin is reported lost/stolen you may replace it but will have to have it released within 10km of where it was reported lost/stolen.
  • The games administrators will make a judgement if there is any dispute or inappropriate behaviour by a TB/coin owner. You may contact the games administrators viewing the administrator contact list in the navigation area.


  • Your TB/coin earns points by achieving challenges from the challenge list.
  • Every time your TB/coin moves you select one challenge to check off your challenge list.
  • A log entry can only be included in one challenge claim.
  • If your TB/coin accomplishes more than one challenge in a move you may still only check off one challenge. (Bit of a bugger if your TB/coin travels 3,000 km by balloon to a Geocaching gathering on a beach and is photographed with 3 race TB/coins.)
  • A challenge is awarded points as per the number against it on the list.


  • There will be three geocoins for the top three place-getters, the top place-getter having first choice, the second place-getter having second choice and the third place-getter receiving the last. Other prizes for place-getters may be forthcoming - we'll see.