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Game Rules

Rules (not guidelines)


  1. Balloon Racer Coin: (balloon is light blue)
    Activate this coin to place into a cache to start the game.
  2. Spare Balloon Racer Coin: This duplicate is available for you to keep or place into a cache IF your first racer gets lost or stolen.
  3. Race Exclusive (dark blue) and Winner's Circle: (purple) have identical tracking numbers and are yours to keep.


  1. Official opening ceremonies:
    8 am EST Dec 16th 2006 running to 8 pm EST Jan 1st 2008.
    Gametime: 380 days -- points before or after are not counted.


  1. To enter the Around the World in 80 Caches Game, place your Balloon Racer Coin (light blue) in an active geocache on or near Dec 16th, 2006
  2. You may start your coin anywhere around the world as long as you mail it to another cacher BEFORE it is logged into a cache.
  4. Once you have placed and logged your coin you are no longer allowed to touch it (except for the Mercy Rule)
  5. Your racer begins to earn feat points on December 16th, 2006


  1. Your Balloon coin racer earns points by accomplishing feats from the 80 feats Checklist provided in your race pack
  2. Every time your coin moves you can pick ONE and only one feat to check off your 80 feats Checklist.
  3. If your coin accomplishes more than one feat in a move you may still only check off ONE feat from the list!
  4. Each feat is worth the amount of points as the number listed next to it on the checklist. Example: 1. moves over 1 mile earns 1 point
  5. Your racer only earns a feat during the time of the actual movement, you cannot retroactively claim or earn feats.
    Example, if your racer travels to Spain from another country then moves again within Spain, you can only claim the: "Visits another country" during the first movement.
  6. Once you have earned a feat you CANNOT earn it again.
  7. The feats sheet will be posted online both in the geocoin forums and under the travel bug: PCKBXC (do not log this as a discover or a grab!)


  1. Your coin CANNOT be virtually logged into and out of a cache, it has to be physically placed into a cache (so no nanos or micros that won't fit the coin) for the movement to count.
  2. If the same geocacher moves your coin more than once within a 24 hour period, or has consecutive logs then only the first movement counts towards earning feats and points. Therefore a geocacher cannot complete more than 1 feat in a row for you. Family members are considered a team, logging in and out is fine if they are separate accounts.
  3. During the whole duration of the race, no geocacher may earn more than 3 feats for your racer
  4. A group out caching may log the racer into and out of a cache as long as follow the valid movements. And the coin is physically exchanged.
    Example: Joe drops it into a cache and Bob picks it up.
  5. After your race starts, your coin cannot be mailed or transported by a third party who isn't a geocacher. If this happens the movement cannot earn a feat.
  6. You are scoring your feats yourself so please use good judgment, if you have questions, then post them.


  1. Every 16th of a month a bonus feat will be posted to the coin page: PC5VNJ, (add this to your watchlist if you want) and to the forums. Racer coins that accomplish that feat will be able to earn both a regular feat AND the bonus feat at the same time.
  2. Each bonus feat is worth 5 points (note on your feats page)
  3. At the end of each month please submit all the names of geocachers who have helped to move your coin. A random drawing will occur with prizes for a couple of lucky winners.


  1. If your coin is placed into a very hard cache and hasn't been moved for at least 14 days, you can opt to move the bug out of the prison yourself. You gain no points and feats for doing this. Just place it into another geocache.
  2. You may encourage local cachers to move your coin, but please do not abuse this priviledge.

Have fun! The game is supposed to be fun, you are on the honor system so please keep it in the spirit of the game! Once you have activated your racer coin please send me a link to add to the leaderboard.

For lists and references to certain feats, refer to the online wikipedia:

PCKBXC The balloon coins, pins and traveler tags were minted by